About Us

Elevation Medical Staffing believes in work life balance. We seek to recruit and retain candidates with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. We identify the right candidates and strategically connect them with employers who are seeking to create a productive environment that produces excellence, which is an important aspect of an organization’s success.

About Advance staffing services

Our Mission Statement

Elevation Medical Staffing strives to achieve excellence by consistently exceeding performance expectations. We are committed to offering access to all regardless of social or economic status, ethnicity, creed, gender, and sexual preference.

Our Vision Statement

Elevation Medical Staffing's vision is to strengthen the communities we serve, focusing on culture, communication, innovation and creativity.

Our Values

The foundation of our performance and decisions is respect, accountability, ethics, integrity and honesty.

To demonstrate effective and positive communication.

Every contribution is valued, and we embrace teamwork and innovation to influence the lives of others. Our obligation to excellence is uncompromising.

To constantly strive to strengthen and refine our professionalism.

We recognize and accept our clients' insights and the importance of quality. We deliver reliable professional services, and set high standards to achieve positive results.